737 Gtb: All The Transaction You Can Do With The Code Step By Step Process

With Guaranty Trust Bank, banking is always very easy and at your fingertip. No need to waste your time rushing down to the branches of Guaranty Trust Bank anymore. You can perform great percentage of your transactions you would have done at the ban branch easily on your mobile devices. The code for GTB mobile transaction these days is *737#.


With this *737# code generated by Guaranty Trust Bank, banking have become even more easier for customers of GTB due to it allows them perform so many functions which could have be otherwise time consuming at any bank branch. Payment of bills, booking of hotels, shopping in malls and a host of other transactions can easily be carried out now thanks to the magical code which  is *737#.


The process of making use of the code for beginners might be a bit conflicting for the customers who are new to the magic code but this article will show you how to do it effort-lessly. The processes are are easy and will be outlined below:



How To Create A GTB Account Via 737

In the event you are not a Customer of GTBank and you wish to have an account, all you need to do to open the account is by simply dialing *737*0# and then follow through the onscreen prompts. An account number will be manufactured for you automatically and will be sent to you through SMS. Once you get your account details via the sms, be rest assured that your account has been created. You can then visit any branch to link your BVN.


Airtime Recharge Code Via 737

With this 737, you can recharge your network line as well as that of your cherished ones. All required is for you to dial *737*amount# on your phone on the line registered with the bank. For instance if you like to recharge N100, simply dial *737*100# to buy N100 airtime and it will be recharged instantly. To send airtime to a different number, simply dial *737*Amount, mobile number#.


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How To Conduct The  Transfer Of Fund From GTBank To GTBank Account Via *737#

  • If you only want to transfer fund from your GTBank account to another GTBank account, dial the magic code *737*1*, supposed amount to be transferred,*your personal NUBAN account number#. If for instance you wish to transfer the  amount of 1000 naira to an account number 0034643570, all you will need to do is type  *737*1*1000*0034643570#.
  • You must note that such transfer can only be done on your mobile device if the mobile number on that device is registered with GTBank and linked to your Bvn.
  • Then after you are done typing in the code as described above, Enter “Send” using only your registered mobile number.



How To Conduct The Transfer Of Funds From GTBank To Another Bank Account Via 737

  • This process is also very easy and comfortable. All you have to do is to dial *737*2*,the amount to be transferred* NUBAN account number of the recipient#.
  • After typing this, click on Send”.
  • A new webpage will appear asking you to choose the bank to which you are making the transfer. Choose the bank and click on “Next”. When you confirm the bank account number and name of the recipient, click on next. The next page will ask you to provide the last four digits on your debit card. After confirming this, click on Send.


What are the benefits of The Magic Code *737#?

  • This is a convenient process to transfer money
  • It can be accessed any time.
  • The transaction process is also very reliable and fast.
  • The 737 code allows all GTB customer with a functioning and active account to transfer money from your GTBank account to another GTB or any other bank in Nigeria regarded such banks are approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria


What are the features of 737

  • You can transfer a maximum of N200,000 in a day.
  • The mobile device must be registered with Guaranty trust Bank before you can use it for this service.
  • Network determines the speed of transactions.

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