Ntel Mifi Device Price For Different Packages And All The Benefits

For you to browse smarter and faster right now in Nigeria, you will need to purchase the Ntel 4G LTE MiFi for your household or business. There are thousands of people who are making use of the Ntel MiFi and their testimonies are quite astonishing.

Without doubt, Ntel provides incentives that are very attractive and amusing to the mind but it is made for high end data users. Having this Ntel MiFi, you can enjoy superfast internet access on multiple devices on the go.

Connecting to multiple device means, when you put your Ntel Sim that has an active data subscription, it will acts as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, which you can connect up to 15 people at the same time. However, it is good to know that the Ntel Mi-Fi router is a 4G LTE.

All About MiFi Router

To define this in a simple term, a MiFi wireless access point is a device that gives a mobile hotspot for 3G and 4G Internet connectivity. This device is portable and can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

The company that introduced the first MiFi device is Novatel Wireless in May 2009, in the United States. Please note that Ntel cannot act as MiFi Home, it is only for data connectivity, while the MiFi home is the most convenient way to connect with secure, reliable MiFi Powered 4G LTE voice and data services.

Where You Can Buy Ntel MiFi Mobile Router

Note that before you purchase the Ntel MiFi router, you need a fully registered Ntel Sim card. Also Ntel might expand their network coverage to different states in the country. But for now, you can buy your MiFi in the following states:

  • Port Harcourt
  • Lagos
  • Abuja

Note that this device is available in both White and Black color. And also it is built on 4G FFD-LTE technology and has a maximum Wi-Fi connections of 15 with a micro SIM size slot.

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How Much Is The Ntel MiFi Mobile Router

For you to buy the Ntel MiFi, apart from buying on a promo price, the official price for this device is N23,000 and purchasing it gives you a one (1) month Unlimited data, which is worth17,500.

This simply means that, you are getting the device for the sum of N5,500 plus the unlimited data plan of N17500, which makes it very amazing and quite impressive.

The Different Ntel Data Bundles

As at now, there are three Ntel plans for users which are:

  • The Unlimited U-Daily
  • The Unlimited U-Weekly
  • The Unlimited Family

Note that all these Ntel internet data bundles have Unlimited data plans, which means that users can do a lot more on the internet.

  • The Unlimited U-Daily (Smartphone Lite): The U-Daily Ntel data plan has a reasonable price which you can subscribe for N1,500. This is unlimited data plan, with it, you can download many movies and files without limitation. You can achieve all these because it has no data cap, and it’s valid for two days.
  • The Unlimited U-Weekly: The U-Weekly plan is an advantageous tariff plan for Ntel users. It provides 7 days of internet usage and the subscription costs only N3, 750 weekly. The good thing about it is that it works on Ntel SIM and Ntel MiFi.
  • The Unlimited Family: This is one of the best tariffs data plan. It’s good for frequent and heavy Internet users. It allows users to surf the Internet without data cap for 30 days, and the subscription costs only N17, 500 monthly. Also note that this tariff is available for PC, iOS, Android, as well as other internet enabled devices.

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