Etisalat Tariff And Data Plans: How To Subscribe To Different Etisalat Packages

Etisalat Tariff and Data Plans are in diverse of categories, which majorly depends on the customers available airtime recharge and also the customer’s usage of the Airtime. All these factors should be carefully considered before settling for a particular plan on the network. Below are  the different available Data Bundles On Etisalat Network.

Different Etisalat Tariff, Data Plans And Their Benefits

Etisalat Prepaid Services Plan

1. Easy Starter

Etisalat’s easystarter helps keep families and friends connected across Nigeria. its unique family & friends feature (you & me ) helps you stay in touch with all your loved ones. if you run out of airtime, you can still make calls with our receiver pays service, as well as great-value rates. easystarter has no charges or subscription fees.

Benefits Of Using Easystarter

  • you & me feature
    you & me gives you ₦300 free for a week to call five etisalat numbers when you recharge ₦200 or you get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week.
  • free weekly data
    get 10MB every week to browse upon recharge of ₦100.
  • receiver pays
    this service allows you make calls when you don’t have airtime while your receiver pays for the calls.

How To Subscribe

  • For easystarter: dial 200 and press 1 on a new etisalat sim or dial *244*2# to switch from an existing line.
  • when you recharge ₦200, you’ll get ₦300 free credit to call these numbers.
  • For receiver pays: dial 268 before the number you wish to call.
  • To get free weekly browsing, simply recharge ₦100.
  • To find out the You & Me numbers on your list, dial *233#.

Easystarter Pricing And Tarrif

  • Easystarter default tariff drops by half, from 40k/sec to 20k/sec to all networks if you use up to ₦25 a day.
  • You & me gives you ₦300 a week to call five special numbers when you recharge ₦200. you also get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 a week.
  • Free browsing: 10MB free every week with a minimum recharge of ₦100.

2. Easylife 4.0 Limited Edition

Easylife 4.0 Limited Edition is a voice based prepaid plan that gives you amazing rates to all networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations.

  • enjoy calls at 11 kobo per second to all local networks from the very first second with only a ₦5 daily access fee.
  • call at 20k per second to 4 international destinations (UK landlines, USA, China and India).
  • enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 here for more details.

Easylife Subscription Details

dial *420*1# to migrate to easylife 4.0 limited edition. migration is free!

migration is only available to customers on easy starter, easy cliq, easyflex talk zone, blackberry voice plan/smartphone voice plan, easylife 3.0, easy life 4.0 bundles, easylife flat tariff and easy SIM

easylife 4.0 limited edition
Description USSD Code
to migrate dial *420*1#
check balance dial *232#
confirm package *244*3#

Easylife Pricing And Tariff

All Calls are charged at 11kobo/sec with a daily access fee of ₦5 only which is charged on the first call of the day. access fee is valid till 11.59pm each day.

easy life pricing table
local calls
on net 11k/sec
off net 11k/sec
daily access fee ₦5
selected international destinations – US, India, China, and UK – landlines 20k/sec
SMS – national ₦4
SMS – international ₦15
MMS ₦100
PAYG data 5k per kilobyte

How To Migrate From One Etisalat Package To Another

you can migrate to any other pre-paid package by dialing:

  • easyflex        –    *344*bundle value#
  • easystarter      –    *244*2#
  • easycliq        –    *244*1#
  • talkzone        –    *244*8#

3. Etisalat Easycliq Package

easycliq offers 15MB free data, free midnight calls, free downloads and bonus airtime for receiving calls.

Benefits Of Easycliq Package

All Easycliq’s cool benefits are as stated below:

  • 15MB of free browsing weekly
    recharge ₦200 weekly between monday – sunday and enjoy 15MB free valid for 7 days.
  • 10 free MMS weekly
    recharge ₦200 weekly and enjoy 10MMS free to send to etisalat numbers only.
  • 1MB worth of free browsing daily.
    subscribe to the cliq-4-d-day service by dialing *330*1# at just ₦5 and enjoy an extra 1MB daily.
  • free midnight calls
    recharge a minimum of ₦100 and enjoy free night calls to all etisalat lines from 12.30am- 4.30am.
  • bonus on incoming calls
    for every five minutes call received from other networks, you get one minute worth of free call to use in the cliq community.
  • 150% bonus on every recharge
    this offer is available to all new easycliq subscribers and it can be used to call all networks.

How To Subscription To Easycliq

  • to subscribe to easycliq on a new SIM, dial 200 and press 2 or dial *244*1#.
  • to subscribe to one click-one tune, dial *273* and your friend’s number#.
  • to subscribe to cliq-4-d-day, dial *330*1#. to opt out dial *330*2#.

Easycliq Pricing And Tariff

The pricing options on the cliq are also tailored for your needs. find out more in the link below.

easycliq pricing table
local calls
peak 40k/sec
within etisalat network off peak 20k/sec
to users on all other networks 40k/sec
night calls within etisalat network 12:30am- 4:30am free
cliq-4-d-day call to all etisalat subscribers 20k/sec
up to ₦25 usage
to cliq and cliqlite customers 15k/sec
to other etisalat lines 20k/sec
to all other networks 30k/sec
national: SMS within easycliq ₦4 per message
national: SMS to users on the etisalat network ₦4 per message
national: SMS to users on all other networks ₦4 per message
international: SMS to users on international operators ₦15 per message
facebook updates: SMS to facebook application wall/blog/status ₦20 per message
MMS ₦100 per message
facebook updates: MMS uploads to facebook gallery ₦50 per 100kb
charge 5 kobo per kilobyte
browsing on etisalat mobile portal free

4. Easyflex Package

Easyflex is a bundle plan designed to give more value for making calls, browsing pay as you go and sending SMS to all networks.

Benefits Of Easyflex

  • Get over 300% when you buy flex 4000, 10,000 and 20,000.
  • Get 300% or more when you buy flex 300, 500 and 1000 bundles.
  • Get up to 100MB data on Flex 500 and 300
  • Get 150% bonus on any purchase of flex 2000 and 5000 bundles.
  • Buy the same 2000 and 5000 flex bundle 2 times consecutively and get the third bundle free.
  • For recharges of ₦5,000 and above within a month you get to enjoyfree incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries. UK (vodafome), US (T-mobile), South Africa (vodacom), UAE (etisalat), Netherlands (KPN) and Saudi Arabia (mobily). service is valid for 30 days.

Easyflex Subscription Details

easyflex bundle plans
flex bundle bundle cost activation code easyflex value 2 for 1 promo value validity
easyflex 300 ₦300 *344*300# ₦900 talk time + 50MB NA 7 days
easyflex 500 ₦500 *344*500# ₦1,800 talk time + 100MB NA 7 days
easyflex 1000 ₦1,000 *344*1000# ₦3,750 NA 14 days
easyflex 2000 ₦2,000 *344*2000# ₦5,000 ₦15,000 30 days
easyflex 4000 ₦4,000 *344*4000# ₦12,500 NA 30 days
easyflex 5000 ₦5,000 *344*5000# ₦12,500 ₦37,500 30 days
easyflex 10000 ₦10,000 *344*10000# ₦32,500 NA 30 days
easyflex 20000 ₦20,000 *344*20000# ₦62,500 NA 30 days
description USSD SMS
To opt in dial *344*X #, where X for e.g. = 4000, 10000, 20000 Send “X” to “344”
to opt out of a bundle dial *344*0# Send “OFF” to “344”
to check your balance dial *232# N/A

Easyflex Pricing And Tariff

pricing and tariff
activity tarrif
voice calls national
on net 40k/sec
off net 40k/sec
SMS – national ₦4
MMS ₦100
pay as you go data 3k per kilobyte

5. Talk Zone Package

All Subscribers can take advantage of the massive off-peak discounts with talkzone. This dynamic discount offer gives you amazingly low rates, depending on where you are and when you call.

Talk Zone Benefits

Get up to 80% off calls to other etisalat numbers, with prices as low as 12k/sec.

Talk Zone Subscription Details

to activate talkzone, dial *244*8# from any existing etisalat line. to check the appropriate tariff for the area you’re calling, dial *551#.

To migrate out of talkzone dial:

  • *244*1# to change to easycliq.
  • *244*2# to change to easystarter.
  • *244*10# to change to cliqlite.

Talk Zone Pricing And Tariff

Call all etisalat numbers for as low as 12k/sec at off-peak time (12:30am to 4:30am).

6. Etisalat Cliqlite Package

Cliqlite is etisalat’s educational plan that supports learning for kids at all levels, development for children and teenagers between the ages of 8 to 15 years.

  • freebirthday reward
    • register your date of birth at the point of registration and get 200 on your birthday.
  • 100% bonus on monthly data
    • purchase any data plan from 200MB to 10GB and get extra 100% bonus to browse 5 educational sites and 2 social sites.
  • bonus on incoming calls and unlimited SMS
    • receive 5 minutes call from other networks and enjoy 1 free minute to call easycliq or cliqlite numbers.
    • for every billed SMS, you will be granted a free SMS to any etisalat line.
  • reduced call cost after achieving a spend of ₦25. ₦25 daily usage reduces tariff from 40k/s to:
    • cliq & cliqlite – 11k/s.
    • other etisalat numbers – 20k/s.
    • all other networks – 30k/s.
  • 150% bonus on every recharge
    this offer is available to all new cliqlite subscribers and it can be used to call all networks.

Etisalat Cliqlite Pricing And Tariff

cliqlite pricing
national calls
within etisalat network 40k/sec peak
20k/sec off-peak
to users on all other networks 40k/sec
upon usage of ₦25 daily
to cliq/cliqlite customers 11k/sec
to other etisalat lines 20k/sec
to all other networks 30k/sec
national –
SMS to cliq/cliqlite customers
national –
SMS to users on the Etisalat network
national –
SMS to users on all other networks
international –
SMS to users on international operators
facebook updates –
SMS to facebook application wall/blog/status
MMS ₦100/message
facebook updates –
MMS uploads to facebook gallery
charge 5k per kilobyte
browsing on etisalat’s mobile portal free

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