Schulich School Of Business Admission Requirements, Fees And All You Must Know

The world has many business schools around its continent with so much respect and quality. If you are considering a business school, Schulich school of business may be a better choice to equip yourself with the knowledge of business. Lets get to know about the school, the programs and requirements as you go through this article.


The Schulich School of Business is the business school of York University situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This business school offers diploma, undergraduate (bachelor and juris doctor), graduate and Ph.D programs. The business school has ten areas of specialization which are Accounting, International Business, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Studies, Entrepreneurship and Family Business Studies, Operations Management and Information Systems, Economics, Responsible Business and Strategic Management. The school offers the opportunity to specialize in two areas of your choice.


Schulich School of Business offers academic exchange programs to about 29 countries in about 59 other  leading business schools. The curriculum has a deep concentration on business administration right from the first year. Internships for students are coordinated via the Career Development Centre of the institution.



Admission Requirements

The requirements for admission depends on the academic program you wish to pursue in the institution of learning and whether or not you are an international student. This will determine the supporting documents to be submitted along side the application.


For BBA or iBBA program, the admission requirements is based on academic performance and supplementary application. The application has two processes which include Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) application and Schulich Supplementary Application.

For undergraduate program, direct entry admission requirements is minimum of 70% in ENG4U and MHF4U. Other required course is either MCV4U or MDM4U. You may also read through the admission requirements and apply via

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School Fees

Each student of the institution pays assigned fees based on their program (professional or regular), the year of entry and whether they are domestic or international students. The fees are determined by the institution based on the three criteria listed above. The full  school fees are charged twice, 50% in January and September respectively. This is also an extended hand of love to students. For school fees details, you may check here



Application Processes

The application process begins with you knowing the requirements for the intended program and knowing about the program. You can then proceed to the application process page. Please be informed that the application may take about 6-8 weeks and all correspondence is by email. The processing period begins once all documents required for the application has been duly received. Supporting documentation such as transcripts, course descriptions and language proficiency test scores (where applicable) must be forwarded directly to the Office of Admissions at York University. The application will not begin except the supporting documents are received. Please visit the application page here


For further enquiry, you may simply send an email of enquiry to or call 416-736-5000 to speak with people.



Courses In Schulich School Of Business

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