How To Detect A Fake Refurbished Android Phones In Nigeria And New Android Os Features

There are two different kind of android phone in today’s market, the pure fake android phone which looks exactly like the original and the company refurbished android phone which sellers sell as brand new phones, whereas is faulty and actually refurbished. This kind of phones are the type that starts having problem after 3 months of purchase.



What Are Refurbished Phones?

Refurbished android phones are phones that were faulty during manufacturing process which was returned by buyers who bought it because of its warranty. The companies who manufactured these phones can later resell this phones as factory refurbished phones. These refurbished phones are likely to get faulty within 3 months of purchase. In today’s post, we will educate you on how to detect fake refurbished phones in Nigerian market.


  1. Find Out More About The Android Phone:

It will be very vital to find out more about the android phone you intend to buy.

You need to find out its model number, the features, the colours, version of software etc. you can find out its model number, the features, the colours, version of software etc. you can find out all this from the manufacturers website or from online, after you must have found out all these, it will be easier for you to identify fake refurbished phone.


  1. The Phone Processing Speed:

Almost all the refurbished phones in the Nigerian market has been worked on with fake, cheap and sub-standard materials which are not from the company that manufactured the phone, hence the android phone will be very slow. Most of them too, will have damaged software application which will not work properly.


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  1. The IMEI Number:

Every genuinely manufactured android phone should contain an IMEI number. An IMEI number simply means International Mobile Equipment Identity Number which can be used to verify and know if the android phone is fake or genuine. Some android phones do not have the IMEI number and some that have, have the fake IMEI number.

To verify the IMEI number on any android phone, you need to press *06 on the phone screen to find out if it has an IMEI number.


  1. The Phone’s Appearance:

Once you have done your research about the android phone you want to buy, you should have seen what the original phone looks like. So any time you are given a fake android phone in the market, simply check out the appearance of the phone, the button location, colour differences, the phone size, check the screen size, check the spelling of brand name, the weight difference check for the printing quality etc. you need to carefully observe the phone you intend to buy, once you see anything different from what you saw on the manufacturer’s website, then you know it is a fake or refurbished android phone.


  1. The Batteries

You can know a fake refurbished android phone by its battery. You need to carefully observe the battery of any android phone you want to buy.


  1. Compare The Price:

Almost all fake or refurbished android phones are cheap in the market, while the originals of the same phone are higher in prices. So any time you see any android phone given to you at a cheaper price, then know it might be a fake or refurbished phone.

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