The federal polytechnic, off a is a federal government platform to train and develop people to enhance skills and development. It began as far back 1992. It is situated in Kwara state. The has come a long way and has achieved a lot within the space of time.


The institution offers courses on both national diploma (ND) or higher national diploma (HND) levels. These courses are spread across its five (5) schools. These include school of applied science and Technology, school of Business and Management Studies, school of engineering technology, school of communication and information technology and school of environmental studies.

These courses are either done in full time or part time modules. Part time is done in the evenings and weekends. The institution also have pre-ND programme to train people ahead of the national diploma.

How To Apply For ND and HND

Before you apply for any of the programmes in either national diploma (ND) or higher national diploma (HND), you are required to know the academic requirements and carefully place yourself to fit in. For this reason, we will need to state the requirements for both levels on a general view, you can check out for the course requirements when you pick a course of interest.


Generally, for national diploma (ND) programmes, you are to have five (5) credit passes in O level with a good UTME score or National Innovative

Diploma (NID) in your chosen programme with a grade that is not below lower credit from recognized institution. While higher national diploma (HND) requires a good national diploma (ND) and other course requirements.


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To apply for either national diploma (ND) or higher national diploma (HND), kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the institution website;
  2. Navigate and click on online portal
  3. Click on Application for Admission
  4. You will see the information page for all the available courses. Below it, click on click here to apply.
  5. Fill in the application form
  6. Make payment with your ATM card. Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000.00) for application and Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) for screening registration.
  1. Upload all certificates and results as required.
  2. Show up for the screening and if successful, you may gain admission into the prestigious citadel of learning.


How To Pay Acceptance Fees

After gaining admission into the institution, the next important step is verify and confirm your admission status via the institution portal, once confirmed, you may proceed. Next will be to pay your acceptance fee. To pay your acceptance fee, begin by knowing the exact amount and also make sure you have enough on your ATM card. Then follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the institution website;
  2. Navigate and click on online portal
  3. Login with your details
  4. Navigate to the payment tab
  5. Select make payment
  6. Input your required ATM card and submit to make payment. You will instantly get a notification from your bank once the transaction is done. Endeavour to print evidence of payment.


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