Zuku Paybill Number: How To Pay Different Bills Using The Mpesa App And Short Codes

Zuku is a satellite TV service in Kenya which also offers Zuku fibre which offers call and internet service. Both Zuku satellite and Zuku fibre can be paid by different payment options. Both Zuku satellite and Zuku fibre requires bill payment and airtime top up respectively.


Zuku payment is made much more easy with different payment options made available. Some of these options are payment via cards, through mobile money, payment through the bank, payment through financial platform agents, payment via websites online as well as via mobile apps. All you simply need to do is to pick any option that is suitable for you.

In this piece, we taking a close look at payment via M-Pesa app as well as on short codes.


Zuku Paybill Payment Via  M-Pesa App

To make payment for your Zulu via M-Pesa app, you will need to get your zuku paybill number and your your zuku account number. Once you have this and there is sufficient fund in your M-Pesa account, you are good to go. Here are the steps required;

  1. Launch your M-Pesa app
  2. Login into your account
  3. Navigate and tab the menu to select “Pay Bill” option
  4. Input the the zuku paybill number. This is either 320320 for Zuku fiber or 220220 for Zuku Satellite TV.
  5. Next is to input your zuku account number.
  6. Input the amount you want to pay
  7. This will be followed by inputting your M-Pesa PIN.
  8. Verify all the details before proceeding. It is also saver to verify each details as you enter them. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

If the process is successful, you will get a confirmation message regarding the transaction.

You can also make this payment via the SIM kit. Once you click on the SIM kit from the phone menu then you can follow the steps above through to make payment too.

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Zuku Paybill Payment Via Code

To make Zuku paybill payment via short code, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile number, kindly dial *552#
  2. From the options, please choose Bill Payments
  3. Next is to select Pay Bill option
  4. Here is where you select Zuku
  5. Next is to choose account from which you wish to be debited.
  6. Input the Bill Account number
  7. Choose whether you are paying all or part and then send the payment. Once you send the payment, you will get a transaction notification immediately. Endeavour to verify the details as you input them at every stage during the procedure.


These two payment processes are quite easy and stress free. It can be done in seconds via your mobile device. If you experience any difficulty or wants to make enquiry, you may reach out to Zuku customer service via any of these emails support@zukufiber.co.ke, customercare@zukutv.co.ke or call 0703010000 or 0732132200. You may also reach out to your financial institution if debited for the transaction and it did not reflect.

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