First Bank Mobile Money Service: How To Transfer, Buy Airtime And Check Bank Account Balance

894 is a quick, convenient, secure and easy way to perform your banking transactions (transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more) anytime and anywhere, using any type of phone without data. Once you have a FirstBank account and a phone, you are just one dial away from enjoying the unbeatable 894 experience. This Service is available to subscribers of All GSM Network providers-MTN, Airtel, GLO and Etisalat.

All services can be performed using ANY type of phone (feature and smart phones), but the number being used to access the service must be the number registered with FirstBank. The service allows you select the account you want to transact on if you have more than one account in the Bank and Money is deducted directly from your bank account. We shall explain how to transfer money to any bank account, check bank account balance and buy airtime( airtime can be purchased for others as well).


Steps In Transferring Money To Any Bank Account From Your First Bank Account

Step1. Dial 894#Amount*Account Number, then #

Step2. Select the destination bank.

Step3. Enter your 5 digit secret pin (you would be allowed to create a new pin if you haven’t done so before).

Step4. A confirmation message detailing the receiving account name and account number will appear

Step5. Select proceed only if the details match that of the receiving account A “transaction successful” message would display at this point.


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How To Buy Airtime On Your Phone Using First Monie

To buy airtime on your registered first bank phone number, simply dial 894Amount, then #.

A “transaction successful” message would display at this point


How To Buy Airtime To Another Phone

To buy airtime for a different number which is not your registered first bank number, simply dial 893#AmountPhone number, then #

Confirm the details, then proceed.

A “transaction successful” message would display at this point.


How To Check Account Balance On First Monie

In order to check your account balance, simply dial 89400#. This can be very useful when you are waiting upon a credit alert; meanwhile the money has already been posted to your account.

As an alternative to using the unique USSD code, First Bank has an official mobile app known as ‘First monie’. The app is available for smart phones and can be downloaded on the play store. With the app, a first bank user can view account statement, check account balance, transfer money to any bank account, pay bills online, subscribe and make payment for special services such as quick teller.


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  1. I bought recharge card 200 today 15-November 2017 by 09:28:23 am, by Q5894:101300000118942366/23 /08034354603. The money was deducted from my account but 894 refused to credit my account. Please check it and do the right thing. Thanks


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