How To Use The Remita Payment Platform For Different Types Of Transactions Step By Step Process

Remita is an indigenous software and payment gateway developed by Systemspecs Lagos which was founded by John Obaro.  It is an online payment and collections solution adopted by the Federal Government of Nigeria for its Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy. It is a multi-channel funds collection platform that supports all types of bill payment transactions.


It is a multi-device platform that allows you view all your bank balances from different banks on just one screen.

It also allows you to pay bills, transfer funds, view account statements and so on. Businesses can conveniently receive payments from customers in an easier and faster manner. Remita was launched in 2005 and has grown to become Africa’s no 1 preferred means of payment.



What You Can Do On The Remita Platform

  1. You can sign into a single platform and access all your bank accounts at once, you can also view balances and statements from all your accounts on a single screen.
  2. You can pay from multiple accounts and across multiple banks in the same transactions. You can also pay to any banks or digital wallets
  3. You get detailed and comprehensive transaction reports and history.
  4. You have no need to get multiple tokens from your bank accounts.
  5. You can define online payment review.


How To Perform Different Transactions Via Remita

  1. How To Pay A Federal Government Agency

– Visit the Remita website at and click on the button “Pay a Federal

Government Agency”.

– Enter or input the name of the institution or agency

-Select the name of service or purpose of payment from the drop-down list provided

– Describe the purpose of payment (E.g I want to pay for OAU tuition fees)

– Enter your full name

– Enter your email address

– Enter your phone number

-Complete the security check by entering the key characters in the image on the box provided below the image

– Click on the button “Proceed to payment”


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  1. How To Generate A Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Invoice

– After clicking on the “Proceed to payment” page, you will be redirected to a page where you will see your RRR code. The code is your own unique code based on the steps you have completed above.

– The code is given to you for your transactions and is what you will use to pay the appropriate funds.

– Go to the RRR invoice page to select the preferred payment option


  1. How To Pay Using Internet Banking

– First transfer the funds from your own account to the beneficiary’s account via the Remita powered transfer

– Click on your bank’s name from the icons on the “Pay with Internet banking” column then proceed to payment.


  1. How To Pay Using ATM Cards Or Digital Wallets

– Select your preferred card type (Visa/Mastercard) or e-wallet service then proceed to payment


  1. How To Pay Through Bank Branch

– Print out the transaction receipt or RRR code on the invoice page

– Take it to your bank and pay.


  1. How To Pay A Customer Or Biller Via Remita

– Select the icon “Pay customer or biller” on the remita homepage

– Enter the person’s full name as arranged in his account

– Select the purpose of payment

– Enter the amount to be paid and currency

– Enter your own name, email address and phone number

– Confirm the email address

– Select the preferred payment option


  1. How To Pay Salaries

– First transfer the funds from your account to the beneficiaries account

– Enter your full name, email address and phone number

– Kindly Click on the button “Proceed to payment”

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