Glo 200 Naira Data Plan: How To Subscribe And All The Benefit You Must Know

In the recent times it has been observed that the indigenous telecommunications network in Nigeria has improved her data services interms access and speed as well as making the price customer friendly compared to other mobile network operators in the country.

Glo has had lots of students switched to her sides in relation to data services in the last few months and she is bent on acquiring more and keeping them. Hence, her inexpensive data plans with voluminous data cap and exceptional internet speed.

In this piece, we shall be taking a look at the Glo data plans of N200, the data caps, validity and times of usage. In other words, we want to see what N200 can actually buy in the Glo data service offer. Below are what you can do with N200 as far as data services are concerned;


The first data plan that I will discuss in this piece which you can buy with N200 is called Glo Smallie. The data plan has 200MB data cap with 5 days validity period. To subscribe to this data plan, you may send 56 to 127 in a text message or simply dial 12756#  on an active Glo line with sufficient balance.


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Also, on the Glo network, another data plan that can be purchased with N200 is a night data plan. The data plan will give you access to the internet and downloads for a night from 12am to 5am with a data cap of 1GB for just N200. To subscribe to this data plan, kindly send 60 to 127 via text message or dial 12760#. Kindly ensure you have sufficient balance before sending the text or dialing the code.


Furthermore, you can do the Glo campus data booster plan of N200 which will give you 450MB with N50 bonus for glo to glo calls. The data plan can only be used on campus and its valid for 4 days. If done outside campus booster zone, you will get normal 200MB without bonus. Dial *777# to choose the N200 campus data booster plan.


Finally, another thing you can do with N200 on Glo data services is to boost your data plan with it. If you do a data subscription that you are about to exhaust, you can boost it with N200 and you will get additional 300MB worth of data. This is only available for data purchase of 1GB upward. To boost your data, kindly dial*777# and follow through the prompt to boost your data.


For any of the data subscription, you may check your data balance by dialing *777# and then follow the prompt to check data balance and you will get your data balance.

With the above list of what you can do with N200 in regards to data plan on the glo network, you can see that Glo network makes internet not only affordable but also accessible to download as well as to maintain online presence. Therefore, enjoy the offers while they last. We hope to get cheaper and better data plans.

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