How To Use Zenith Bank USSD Code For Fund Transfer And All Other Transactions

Launching the new USSD code by the zenith bank proves their commitment to making banking operations easier for their respective customers.

The code officially named The Zenith Bank Transfer Code can do a lot more other things than just transfer. It was given this name because majority of their customers use the code for transfer only. The amazing thing is that most people do not even know that this code has other functions.

The code can be used for several other transactions like;


Transferring Funds, Checking Account Balance, Purchasing Talk Time for self and others, Opening a new account with Zenith Bank etc.

In this article, you will discover how to use this code for each of those transaction.


  1. How To Transfer Funds With Zenith Bank Transfer Code

This is the most used feature of this code, and most people already know how to get it done. But for those who don’t;


Just dial *966*amount*accountnumber# (with the number associated with your account) to transfer money. This code can be used to transfer funds from your zenith bank account to either another zenith bank account or to other banks here in Nigeria.

If you wish to send 5000 to the account number 876549321, just pick up your phone and dial; *966*amount*5000*876549321#, and wait for a debit alert.


  1. How To Check Account Balance With Zenith Bank Transfer Code

This code can also be used to check your bank account balance.

To check your account balance, just dial; *996*00# with the number you used in opening your zenith bank account. You would receive a text containing your account info.


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  1. How To Purchase Talk Time With The Zenith Bank Transfer Code

This multipurpose code can also be use to buy call cards directly from your bank. You will no longer be stranded on calls.

When you are out of credit, just dial *966*amount# on your zenith bank alert number to top up.

To get 600NGN credit, dial; *966*600#


That’s not all!

You can also recharge your friends and loved ones.

All you need to do is dial the code in this format: *966*amount*phone-number#. The phone number inserted would receive the airtime.

To recharge 05043218976 with 1000, dial *966*1000*05043218976#.


  1. The most interesting for non-zenith bank customers;



How To Open A New Account With The Zenith Bank Transfer Code

In this modern age of improving technology, you can open a bank account by just dialing some codes! Just dial *966*0# and follow the on-screen commands.

When you have successfully completed the short process, you will receive an SMS with a ten digit number. That’s your new Zenith bank account number!




As you can see, this Zenith bank code was highly configured to perform a large number of different transaction. Few of which have been explained above.

Just dial *966# to get the full list of features available.

This code do not need an internet connection to function, and it can be used on any type of phone so far the sim slot is functioning.

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