How To Get, Use WAEC Exam Question And Answers Online

The West African Examinations Council popularly known as WAEC is an examination board established in 1952. It is saddled with the responsibility of conducting the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), for students intending to further their education into tertiary institutions in Nigeria and across some West African countries. The west African countries include Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Gambia.


In Nigeria, the board also conduct examination for Junior Secondary School Students intending to get promoted to Senior Secondary School fondly called Junior WAEC. This examination determines whether or not such student will be promoted. It is also used to judge the segments of class the student will be advised to go to whether science, art, commercial or social sciences.


In this piece, we shall focus on the senior secondary school examination which could either be May/June or Nov/Dec. The May/June is done via a secondary school registration while Nov/Dec is for private candidate in which a person registers individually on the board’s website. The exams are done within the month indicated in their names. Both of them are valid for admission processes.


These examinations are highly respected in Nigeria and is use to judge student academic performance. Preparing for the examination requires reading and solving past questions.  The traditional way to prepare is to buy series, a book containing WAEC past questions on a particular subject  but today technology has evolved and change quite a number of things. You can now access past questions and their solutions with thoughts of WAEC on such question via an online platform.

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How To Access WAEC Past Questions Online

There are several places where you can get WAEC past questions online. Some are even built into software, mobile apps, websites and CDs. Lots of websites have practice WAEC questions which you can practice with to know your status. There are those that offer it just like a CBT such as and several others like which only provide questions. Please be careful of those that promise answers to questions why the exam is going on or before for a fee.  Below is how you can get past questions to prepare yourself ahead from WAEC officially:


  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on e-learning
  3. On the next page, navigate through to select the subject you want to view its past questions and then click on it.
  4. On the next page, it will give you the list by year containing both May/June and Nov/Dec options. Click on the number of the question you want to view. It will display the question with its answer and WAEC’s observations on the question.


So, if you are preparing for WAEC whether May/June or Nov/Dec, help yourself to  prepare very well by taking advantage of this resource. This is cost effective and can be accessed anytime. With your internet enabled mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, you can accessed the platform.

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