Samsung j7: The Full Review And All You Need To Know

It is already an established fact that Samsung is one of the best producers of Android phones, their list of mobile products is endless as well as affordable. Meanwhile there has been a latest addition to their list of android phones.

A Samsung J 7, which was released in June 2017, is a step up version of other Samsung product in the mobile market, the phone delivers all you need in a phone with 3,600mAh battery capacity and a 5.5 inches screen size. coupled with a touch focus and face detection software. Its function is basically endless. It also comes with a relative features for a middle class phone and it won’t give you a reason to think twice before buying it.

We will be discussing some of its distinct features to give you more knowledge about this phone.


External Design

This phone has an impressive standard in relation with Samsung’s choice of mobile design, it exhibits a 1080×1920 pixel super AMOLED screen, and about 8mm in thickness. It also includes two capacitive controls and a home button on the front page, and it is relatively slim, build to make it easy to grip and slip into your pocket.

It present a 13 mega pixel front camera great for selfies and also a 13 mega pixel rear camera, like wise it is build  with autofocus, touch focus and LED flash. And its colours come in black, gold, pink and blue.


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This phone offers a octa-core Exynos 7870, a powerful processor capable of multi tasking and with a speed of 1.6GHz within its capacity. Its performance is sweet when it comes to launching apps and multi tasking its function. Its launcher is build to reduce and avoid the problem of heating while in operation or the issue of slow down. it has a 3GB RAM for impressive responsiveness and smooth operation, and it further has the ability to boot Android 5.1 but runs smoothly on Android 7.0 and it comes with a micro sim /dual sim slots.


Battery Capacity

With an amazing 3,600mAh battery life, it produces roughly 11 hours of battery capacity. its alleged to have one of the longer lasting batteries, and you can expect it to last a full day or up to two with moderate use. Its factory charger produces an output of 7.75watts of constant power.

However it takes a long time of 2 hrs 20ms to fully charge. it is always advisable to ensure a complete 100% charge at first charge attempt as it further increases the battery’s life span.


Other Features

This product has an inbuilt secure folder feature, which provides the ability of using and running multiple social networking apps, such as Whatsapp on the device.  Other nice features includes video streaming, video editor, document viewer coupled with an intellectual digital assistant.

In conclusion Samsung J7 is an improvement in terms of design and features in the affordable range of Android phone. with its smooth running and excellent camera that is quick to launch and also an outstanding battery life and its price is reasonable that you don’t have to break a vault.

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