How To Run A Facebook Advert, Make Payment And All You Must Know

It is now clear that Facebook not just a place to catch up with friends, it is also a fantastic advertising platform for your business. Once you choose your audience correctly, you can certainly benefit from it. Only few people are making money just from Facebook ads right now! So do you want to be one of them? Today we want to share with you how to run a Facebook advert, make payment and all you must know.

The Advert Price On Facebook

You shouldn’t be overwhelmed, the pricing policy on Facebook is pretty clear, but it can be a problem for Nigerians. Many Nigerians face several challenges when they it comes to advertising on Facebook, such as:

  • You can`t use the local Naira denomination. Note that Facebook allows only one payment in foreign currency. Because of this, some Nigerians might think that it`s not possible for Nigeria.
  • The problems with configurations. But even if you manage to pay for advertisement, you will have problems with your target audience. Many newbies in advertising can loses a lot of money due to problems with their target audience.

There Are 3 Methods To Pay For Facebook Advert

  • Using payment Agents

Currently, there are companies in Nigeria who specialize on Facebook ads cost. This agents can also provide you a complete guideline for your marketing campaign. Most will help you through the whole complicated process of Facebook ads. However, do not think that they will do it for free. Most payment Agents have a list of services including consulting services. So if you are new to Facebook ads business, then you might want to take their advice. This is the most effective way to get your ads on Facebook. Please note that if you want to find your audience, then you need to choose this path. This payment agencies are not cheap, but they are trustworthy. So you can try this method of payment if you are completely new when it comes to Facebook ads.

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  • Using Paypal Payment

For people who have a PayPal account, then you have no problems with payments, because PayPal has already provided Nigerians with the ability to register their accounts. All you need is to link your bank account with PayPal and make any transactions. This includes the ability to register their accounts and payment for Facebook ads. Note that PayPal provides the perfect and secure possibility to transfer any sum of money anywhere. So Facebook will gladly receive any payment from your PayPal account. So do not worry about the security of the transaction, because PayPal is one of the most secured financial companies in the world.

  • Using Debit Card Method

In case you have a credit card with Visa`s or MasterCard`s logo, then you have an ability to pay for Facebook ads. All you just need is to put in the numbers on your card and pay for Facebook ads and you can order for Visa or MasterCard from your local bank if it supports them. Note that Visa and MasterCard payment methods are the most secure in the world.

Here Are Facebook Advert Guidelines

You need to choose the right element or set for your Facebook Ads Campaign;

  • Select your editor
  • Choose an advert objective
  • Then choose your audience
  • Input your daily budget
  • The create your ad
  • Submit your advert

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