How To Write A Career Goals Essay

Students have to write a tremendous variety of essays. They have different purposes to develop different skills in students. Besides, essay writing always follows some objectives. Thus, a career goals essay is supposed to explain what job a student expects to have, as well as salary, conditions, private privileges, and something of the kind. Many schoolers write this essay type when they are about to graduate from their schools. College and university admission boards demand to write this essay. They want to understand the ambitions of applicants, which can tell a lot about his/her intentions and personality traits.

Undoubtedly, this piece of writing must be taken seriously. Many students are very nervous and seek an essay writer for hire to successfully handle it in a professional way. Nevertheless, we believe that you can improve your writing before you apply the documents to any college or university. Your school teachers assign it from time to time and it’s a great opportunity to sharpen your skills. Our informative guide likewise helps to improve your writing skills. We’ll explain how to write a flawless career goals essay.

Define What You Want

Your first step is to determine your career goals. It’s the central idea of the essay and you should focus on it. Talk to yourself, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, decide what profession is most acceptable, etc. Brainstorm your topic and write down all the suggestions you have. They will become a good beginning for your project. Ask relevant questions to define what you want. These may be:

  • What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
  • What profession can suit your needs and talents?
  • Why is it so appealing?
  • What can it give you?
  • What is your perfect understanding of the job?
  • How are you going to reach your career goals?
  • What do you expect to receive from it in the future?
  • How do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
  • What life events did lead you to this choice?
  • Which skills are required to achieve your goals?
  • What impact do you intend to have on society?

These questions are relevant and will suit everyone. No matter what job you’ll choose, you should answer all of them. Thus, your essay will be logical, informative, and captivating. You’re welcome to add other questions. Everything depends on the particular case.

Create A Good Outline

You’ll have plenty of questions to answer. Therefore, a good outline is surely required. Assess all the questions and decide when and how to implement them into the text. A clear structure will make you organized and will optimize the timing. Besides, it helps not to forget about something important. Here is an example of what can be mentioned in each paragraph.

  • Introduction. This section establishes the main theme of your essay. It’s supposed to grab readers’ attention by introducing something creative and catchy. Thus, you may instantly mention a turning point in your life (without too many details), which made you choose a concrete career.
  • 1st body paragraph. This paragraph should develop your thesis statement. Elaborate on what inspired you to choose the career and add a real-life example. Always be honest to make your story trustworthy.
  • 2nd body paragraph. Devote this paragraph to your short-term career goals. Dwell upon the major you’re going to choose and how it will help to enjoy success. Make a smooth transition to your long-term objectives.
  • 3rd body paragraph. This paragraph should be devoted to your long-term perspectives. They aren’t related only to your needs. Try to broaden the topic and explain how your career will affect society.
  • Conclusion. The last section must summarize the entire essay. Restate your thesis statement, explain your choice in other words, and express the hopes for success. It shouldn’t take longer than 3-5 sentences.

Support Your Ideas With Facts

It’s necessary to give feedback on your ideas. Your essay must make sense and the examples of your claims play an important role. For example, you mention the profession you intend to choose. Explain what events and people made you choose that path. Afterward, explain how you are going to achieve them. Mention your short-term and long-term goals, and so on. Tell the full story to make it meaningful and captivating.

Revise, Improve, And Submit

Your final stage is to review the whole essay. Do that at least twice to identify mistakes (grammar, spelling, etc.) and weak points (the wrong lexicon, poor examples, etc.). The revision stage allows for reconsidering the whole story and making the necessary corrections. Read in your head and aloud. You can even read from the last line to the first one. Although this uncommon method takes a bit more time, it helps to obtain better concentration. Reread your essay the other day to have a fresh look at the project.

If you’re not sure whether everything is alright, use other approaches. Firstly, ask somebody to review your essay. Another person will have a fresh look and may propose a few effective recommendations.

Secondly, use learning applications. For example, Grammarly is a gratis grammar checker that outlines the mistakes and proposes correct variants. It quickly scans the whole text to save precious time.

Memorize our prompts because they are universal and will meet any career goals you have. Using them properly, you’ll definitely compose a flawless essay. It will impress your teachers, as well as admission committees.

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