IE Business School: Admission Requirements, Fees And All You Must Know

Instituto de Empresa Business School was founded in 1973 in Madrid, Spain. It is one of the classic business school offering MBA, Executive MBA,

master’s degree programs in finance and management, executive education programs,

PhD and DBA programs. So if you are considering attending a classic business school to acquire a worthwhile world class business training, IE business school is an excellent choice.


Instituto de Empresa Business School has been ranked best at different times by different bodies based on the quality of her programs. For instance, IE Business School’s MBA program was ranked third best in the world by Forbes. In 2014, IE Business School Master in Finance was ranked fifth best  worldwide. IE Business School was ranked first in Europe by Financial Times. These and many more awards were given to this citadel of learning. All of these shows how good and competent the academic programs are.



Admissions Requirements And Processes

The admission into any of the programs in IE business school generally have three steps which are:

  1. Online application
  2. Interview
  3. Final decision


The online application is generally considered as a medium to get to know who the applicant is. This is where an applicant is expected to share knowledge about him or herself such as biodata, academic and professional experience. Information about your vision, goals, values etc are expected as well as all supporting documents required depending on the program of interest. Please note that each program has distinct requirements. You may need to verify the program and its requirements to be sure you are qualified before applying.


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After passing through the first stage successfully, interview is the next stage. Here the applicant will be interviewed in person in Madrid to verify submitted documents and to check the applicants overall competence to be valuable. If the applicant can not make it to any of the IE business school centers in 25 countries around the globe, a video conference interview will be scheduled.


The third stage has to do with admission committee deciding whether the applicant meets up or not. Admission may be granted to applicant with appropriate profile and program requirements. Candidates with good profile but less program requirements may be granted conditional admission. Anything short of these two categories means no admission. This stage is strictly the work of admission committee.



School Fees

The school fees for IE business school depends on the program of study. Each academic program is unique.

Bachelor in Business Administration – BBA may cost €19,800 yearly. The IE International MBA tuition fee is 69.200€ while Global MBA cost 47,200€. Each program has a unique tuition fee. You may find out about the intending course on the application page.


For further details you may call any of these numbers +34 91 568 96 00, +34 91 745 39 80, +34 91 568 96 67 or send an email of enquiry to




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Bachelor in Behavioral Science.

Bachelor in Business Administration.

Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media.

Bachelor in Data Science.

Bachelor in Design.

Bachelor in Information Systems Management.

Bachelor in International Relations.


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