Warwick Business School: Admission Requirements, Fees And How To Check Results

Warwick Business School is one of most respected business schools around the globe. It was established in 1967 and was first named School of Industrial and Business Studies. It was later renamed as Warwick Business School in 1987 during its 20th anniversary. Today, the business school has become one of the most attended with international recognition.


Warwick Business School has fantastic academic programs which include MBA, MSC, PhD degree programs and non-degree executive training for both individuals and corporate bodies. The business school’s programs has been ranked by several international bodies of high reputation such as Forbes, financial times etc.



Admission Requirements

The basic admission requirements into Warwick Business School include a second class upper from a reputable university. You need to forward the transcript of your results to the school. This may be from any field. The field will determine what your electives will be if granted admission. A good score in GMAT or GRE is also required, a 650+ score is good enough. TOEFL with minimum component scores L21, R22, W21, S23 or IELTS with all four language components with a 6.0+ score is also required for English language proficiency. Lastly, you need at least three years experience of professional business engagement.

Warwick Business School Undergraduate Courses

BSc Accounting & Finance

BSc Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship

BSc International Business

BSc International Management

BSc Management



Warwick Business School Postgraduate Courses

MSc Accounting & Finance

MSc Business Analytics

MSc Business (Financial Management)

MSc Business (Marketing)

MSc Business (Consulting)

MSc Business (Accounting & Finance)

MSc Central Banking & Financial Regulation

MSc Finance

MSc Finance & Economics

MSc Financial Mathematics

MSc Human Resource Management & Employment Relations

MSc International Business

MSc Management

MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation

MSc Marketing & Strategy


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School Fees

The school fees defer by academic year. Each academic year’s fee is usually announced before its commencement. The 2018 academic year’s fee is £27,750. After receiving your offer, you are required to pay £500 within four weeks to secure your space. You will then pay the rest at a later time.



Application And How To Check Application Results

Warwick Business School offers year round application. The 2018 academic session application is slated to have six rounds of application. Each round of application has its details published already. First round of application has deadline by 1st October, shortlisting decision to be communicated by 6th October while interview period is between 7th and 26th October.


The second round of application closes by 26th November, Shortlisting decision to be communicated on 1st December while interview period is between 2nd and 20th December. The third round closes by 07th January, candidates to be reached by 12th January while interview period 13th January and 1st February. The fourth round closes by 25th March, shortlisted candidates to be reached by 29th March while 3rd March and 19th April is the interview period.


The fifth round of application closes on 31st May, shortlisted candidates to be reached on 8th June while interview period is between 9th and 27th June. The final round of the application closes on 31st July, successful candidates to be reached on 06th August and the interview comes up between 7th and 23rd August.


For further details concerning admission into Warwick Business School, you may forward an enquiry email to warwickmba@wbs.ac.uk or you may call +44 24 7652 4100. You may also send your CV to the email to know if you meet the requirements. You will get a response in 48 hours.

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