List Of Haier Thermocool Products And Haier Thermocool Showroom In Nigeria

Trusted brand for 40 years, Haier Thermocool combines cutting edge technology and innovation to address everyday household challenges ans is a leading brand in refrigerators,  freezer and washing machines. Thermocool is one of the products from Pz Cussons Nigeria.

Haier Thermocool Products

How to buy a Thermocool Freezer

A freezer unit is important for every modern home. A freezer unit stores food items such as meat, fish, soups, veggies and other food items for weeks or even months until you are ready to consume them.


How to buy a Thermocool Fridge

When shopping for a refrigerator for your home (or business establishment), it comes down to choosing a model that is the right size, fits into your budget, and offers great energy efficiency.


How to buy a  Thermocool Air Conditioner

When choosing an air conditioning (AC) unit for your home, you will want a unit that will offer you maximum satisfaction and great value for your money. Choose the best air conditioner to aid you in your quest for the perfect air conditioning unit


How to buy a Thermocool Gas Generator

When deciding which generator to buy, you will need to be well informed in order to sort through different power generating sets to meet your electricity supply needs.


How to buy a Thermocool TV

In order to decide on the best television you should buy, you will need to take some factors into consideration. For instance, do you want to use your new television in your living room, your bedroom or in your office? Choose the best TV to suit your needs with our top tips.


How to buy a Haier Thermocool Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine is no longer considered a luxury, as more and more people are choosing to buy washing machines in order to get their laundry done within the shortest amount of time. Choose the best washing machine to suit your laundry needs without top tips.


How to buy a Thermocool Microwave

Contrary to opinion of many people, microwave ovens are a healthy alternative to cooking the old fashioned way (using a stove/cooker). Microwaves come in different sizes; capacities and functions. Here are useful tips to help you to pick the best microwave oven for you.


How to buy a Thermocool Stabilizers

It is important to select the most appropriate voltage stabilizer to protect your home appliances against unexpected power fluctuations. Here are our tips to help you select the best voltage stabilizers for your home


How to buy a Thermocool Cooker

Choosing the best cooker can be tricky, but having the right guide will help you to make a great buying decision. Read our top tips to help you buy the best cooker to meet your needs


How to buy a Thermocool Water Dispenser

Water Dispensers are used for dispensing clean and healthy water of different temperatures.  Read our top tips to ensure you buy the best water dispenser to suit your needs.

All The Haier Thermocool Products Analyzed above can be Purchased in any of the Showrooms Below.


Haier Thermocool Showrooms In Lagos And Other Parts Of Nigeria

CoolWorld Store – Victoria Island

307a, Adeola Odeku Street Victoria Island Lagos


Coolworld Store- Abuja

Plot 234, Samuel Ademulegun Street Central Business District Abuja


CoolWorld Store – Kano

7/8, Sanni Abacha Way P.O. Box 37 Kano


Coolworld Store – Ibadan

42, Oba Adebimpe Road Dugbe Ibadan


CoolWorld Store – Ikeja

81, Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos


Coolworld Store – Enugu

5, Okpara Avenue Enugu


CoolWorld Online Store

Shop from home for Thermocool products at the CoolWorld Online Store


Coolworld store – Port Harcourt

63 King Perekule street, off Evo road, opp Visafone, GRA, Port Harcourt


Haier Thermocool Customer Service

Call…… 07008437662665

Contact Address

HPZ Nigeria LTD.

45-47 Town Planning Way, Ilupeju Industrial Estate,

Ilupeju Lagos Nigeria

Haier Thermocool Website….. 

Pz Cussons Website……

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