Nabteb Result Checker: How To Check Result On This Platform And All You Must Know

NABTEB as fondly called stands for National Business and Technical Examinations. The board was inaugurated in 1992. It was saddled with the responsibility of conducting technical and business examinations by which certain certificates are awarded in Nigeria. The examination covers a wide range which include business trades, technical, engineering as well as general education.


Checking of results can sometimes be an issue especially when you don’t know how to. And sometimes the anxiety may cause fear. In this piece, we shall take a look at the NABTEB results checking options available and how to take advantage of each. It is to be noted that you will have to provide the following details in any option you want to use to view your results;

Examination number

Examination year

Serial number of results checker card

PIN of results checker card


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How To Check Results Online

In order to check your NABTEB results online, you will be required to purchase the NABTEB results checker scratch card. After purchase, you will need to get your candidate number, type of examination and examination year. Once you have these details, simply follow the steps below to check the results;

  1. Log on to the NABTEB website,
  2. On the homepage of the website, navigate to the left side just before the bottom of the page, under the “ONLINE RESULTS CHECKER” you will see the forms to be filled.
  3. Input all the required details which include examination year, candidate number, serial number of the scratch card result checker, examination type and scratch card PIN. If you want the results to be sent to your email address, please input it.
  4. Before clicking on submit, kindly look through the provided details.

Your NABTEB results will be displayed in few seconds. You may print the results if you wish.



How To Check Results By SMS

Apart from going online to check the NABTEB results via the NABTEB website, you can also check your results via SMS. You need to have some unit on your your line, at least N30. You will need to have all the details just as used in the online results checking process. When you have them all ready, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. On your mobile phone, navigate to the message menu and select create message
  2. In the create message, type these details in the following order, NABTEB*ExamNumber*PIN*ExamType*ExamYear and then forward it to 32327. For instance someone trying to check for May/June will type like this NABTEB*0887654751*FRC2764732635*MJ and forward to 32327.

You results will be forwarded to you as a text message. Please note that each time you check with this step, your maximum result checker time reduces. The maximum time the results checker card can be used is five (5) times.


For further enquiry or assistance, you may send an enquiry email to or simply call +2348078840770. You may as well visit any of the NABTEB office close to you.

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