OAU Transcript: The Requirements, Fees Involved And All You Must Know

The senate and management of Obafemi Awolowo University is introducing a new way for its graduates to place orders for their transcript using the ETX-NG transcript exchange platform. However, as part of the university’s continued efforts to serve its students (present and former) in a more efficient way, this platform will provide the possibility for any person to pay and request for their academic transcript online, and such transcripts will now be delivered via electronic mail.

However, by using this platform, there will be no need for you to visit the school environment or sending a friend or relative to apply for academic transcripts on your behalf, because this will save you money and time.

Here Is A Summary Of The Procedures

  • You visit the web portal
  • You then register to open an account on the website
  • Next, you make your request for your academic Transcript
  • Then you fill and complete every required information
  • You then make your payment using the appropriate ATM/Credit Card
  • You then submit your application

Below Are The Practical Ways To Order For Your OAU Transcript Online

  1. For you to begin, you will need to first register by visiting a third-party website at www.etx-ng.com/oau
  2. Next thing is for you to click on the “register” button to your right to open an account on the website and then input a username and password
  3. After you must have registered, you can then request for your academic transcript
  4. Next, you ensure you duly fill and complete all the information that are required to get your transcript
  5. Then you will make use of your ATM card (verve card, master card or visa card) from any bank in Nigeria to make the required payment
  6. After you make your payment, then you can now submit your application

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When You Are Filling The Form, Please You Should Take Note Of The Following:

  1. You should ensure you complete all the required information, because all fields are compulsory
  2. You should also note that courier options attracts extra fees.
  3. You should kindly contact the transcript office after your application has
  4. You should know that the university dislike the patronage of unapproved courier services for transcript processing
  5. You should note that the only approved courier service by the management of the institution is UPS which happens to be universal parcel service and the payment is made online together with your transcript fee which payment is automated.
  6. You should know that patronage of any other courier service is at the risk of the patron.
  7. Also note that payment for transcript processing is prohibited, any person who pays cash to anybody in the institution or outside for transcript processing does so at his/her own risk.

With all this process, life will now be much easier for all graduates of OAU who need to send their transcripts to places in Nigeria and oversee.

Please make sure you inform every other graduates of OAU and any others persons that might one day need their transcripts that they can now request for their transcripts online.

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