Skye Bank Transfer Code: How To Use Different Skyebank Codes For Transaction

As we know all banks in provided codes for their customers in order for them to be able to carry out transactions at their comfort as well as with safety. In the light of this truth, Skye Bank Plc like her counterparts also provided codes for her numerous customers to carryout various transactions.

With Skye Bank USSD mobile banking, you can easily carry out transactions like airtime recharge, bill payments, check account balance, transfer funds etc. without any difficulty and in the most convenient manner as well as secured transactions.

To use this code and take advantage of its various merits, please dial *833# to get started. After dialling the code, there will be a prompt with a number options. You simply pick the options that relate to what you want to do. For instance, when you dial the code, the prompt will show the list below;

List Of Transactions You Can Perform With Skye Bank USSD Codes

  1. Account Opening
  2. Bills Payment
  3. Transfer
  4. Hotlist Card
  5. BVN Update
  6. Balance
  7. Other Services.

All you need to do is to respond with the corresponding number of what you want to do and then follow the prompts until successful.

Also, note that if you are not a customer of skye bank, with this code, you can open an account by dialing 8331# and then follow the prompts which will ask for your Bio data and ask you to create a PIN as well. Isn’t that a great one?

It is worthy of note that if you have two Skye bank accounts registered with a single mobile number like a savings and current account, when you perform transactions with the code, the system is designed to debit you first from the current account.


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Airtime Recharge

To recharge your mobile number with this code is quite simple. Just ensure you have sufficient balance in your bank account to do so and then dial 833amount#. That is, if you like to recharge N200 on your line, simply dial 833200# and you will be credited instantly while your bank account will be debited.

Account Balance

This is another use of the code, you can request to know how much you have left in your account by simply dialling 8336# and you will get the details of your account balance. No stress, no pain.

Fund Transfer

This is one of the significant reason for creating this code. The option of the code allows you to transfer to both Skye bank account holders and other bank account holders. To make money transfer simply dial 8333# and then carefully follow the options to make your transfer. You will be asked of the account to transfer to and bank. Interestingly, it will show you details for confirmation before you authorize it. Its that simple.

Bill Payment

With this code, you can pay for your utilities like PHCN bill, Cable TV bill etc by simply dialling 8332# and then go through the option to select the one you want to pay for.

The Skye bank code can be used to do much more depending on the customer. For instance, you can as well use it to update your BVN especially if you open account with it by dialling 8335#. That’s a great one if you ask me.

In case you have any challenges with the use of the code or your transactions seem to come across any difficulty, you may walk in to any skye bank close to you or call the following numbers 0700 SKYEBANK, 0700 75932265, 0806 988 0000, 01 4482 100, 01 2705 850 or via email

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  1. my name is ayenew admasu i live ithiopia same one transfer mony uba but i have not reseve mony why i dont now so please check

  2. I recharge through *833*200# on my phone..
    My money was deducted and my line was not recharged..
    What should i do?

    • Hi Tolulope,
      I’m sure it was a network error. You don’t need to do anything, your money would be reversed.



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