Skye Bank Mobile App Platform: How To Download And Use With Sky Bank Internet Banking

In this review we would be talking about Skye Bank Mobile App as it is a mobile solution which allows you to have access to your account(s) through your mobile phone. The Platform allows all it customers carry out various Banking Transactions on their account(s) while on the move by giving them diverse access to carry out sundry transactions without visiting the bank. It allows you to have access to the SkyeMobile banking service on your Smart phone regardless of the GSM network you use while on the move.

Below Are The Requirements For Signing up to Skye Bank Mobile App Also Called (Skymobile)

  1. You must have an active personal account with Skye Bank.
  2. Your GSM number must be registered to your account in Skye Bank.

Transactions That Can Be Performed On Skyemobile

Listed Below Are The Transactions That Can Be carried Out On Skye Bank Mobile App

  • Balance Enquiry
  • PIN Change
  • Intra-bank Transfer (Skye to Skye)
  • Inter-bank Transfer (Skye Bank to other banks)
  • Airtime Recharge (Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN)
  • Bills Payment (Cable TV, Electricity Bills e.t.c)


How To Sign Up For Skyemobile App

To sign up for the Skye Bank Mobile App, two major activities are involved.


1. Application Download From Your Mobile App Store Or Through the mobile network Code

Follow the steps below to download the App On through the mobile network Provider’s short SMS Code.

  1. SMS –“D SKYE” to 20220; this service is available on all GSM networks. You will receive a text message which contains a link through which the application can be downloaded.
  2. Scanning The QR Code- By scanning the QR code below, you will redirected to a link through which the application can be downloaded.

Alternative, which is most preferred option to most Smart Mobile Phone User is Through the Mobile Store on the Phone which is a more direct download option.

To Get this App, Open the App store and type “Skyemobile”. The supported stores are the Google Play store, Apple iTunes store, Blackberry OS 10 app world and the Windows store.


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2.Mobile App Activation After Download

  1. After successfully downloading Skyemobile, you will be prompted to input your GSM number, account name, email address and memorable word (the memorable word is the same as the password).
  2. You shall receive a prompt and a SMS which contains your activation code. The prompt/SMS format reads “Congrats you have successfully activated, please send PM ********** to 20220 for your PIN”.
  3. The activation code is sent via SMS in the format “PM **********” to 20220 from your registered GSM number
  4. A four digit PIN is received automatically to enable you perform transactions to the tune of N20,000.00 daily.
  5. You shall be required to visit the nearest Skye bank branch to complete the activation process to increase your transaction limit from N20,000.00 to N500,000.00


How To Perform Skye Bank Mobile Recharge

This is another innovative introduced by Skye Bank Plc For it customers. The Service is available on Etisalat, Airtel, Glo And MTN Network.

To enjoy the service, Simply Dial 833Amount# on your mobile phone For All Network.

e.g. To recharge N1,000.00, please dial 8331000#.


Please Note: This transaction can ONLY be performed with the mobile number registered with your Skye Bank Account.

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  1. I can’t installed Skye mobile to my phone, and I don’t know what caused it.

    • HI Esther,
      Please check that the version of your operating system is compatible with the App version. If the issue persist, kindly visit the closest Skye Bank Branch to you.

  2. I was unable to download d skyemobile. I was told that my device is not compatible.

  3. I’ve been unable to download since Jan till date. Is d app not for salary account?

    • Hi opeyemi,
      I would advice you visit the closest branch to you for quick assistance.

  4. Pls av not been able to change my pin using d sms

  5. Please while sending the activation code to 20220, I got an error message, network out of order. Kindly assist.

    • Hi Nneka,
      I think its a network issue, i would advise you try after some time.


  6. On skymobile app there’s a that said enter description, pls what do they mean by that?


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