Uba Mobile Transfer: How To Use For Different Transactions And All The Benefits

United Bank for Africa is one of the old banks that have stood the test of time over the years. Through the seasons of recession and bank mergers, they made it out. They have since then, continue to grow from strength to strength.

UBA in its bid to make transactions easier for her numerous customers, like other banks they have designed USSD to make transactions easier. It is referred to as Umobile. The Umobile USSD is *919# and it can only be accessed on the mobile number attached to the UBA account. This makes transaction easier, faster, convenient and safe. The customer is able to have full control over their account.


Features Of Umobile

  1. It offers a fast, convenient and safe way to transact
  2. It gives the customer control over his/her account
  3. The USSD is compatible with all phone types
  4. Access to view mini statement of account
  5. Able to perform transaction anytime via the code
  6. Transaction can be perform without visiting the bank or ATM spot.
  7. It works on only the phone number registered with the account.


Umobile Functions

  1. Account opening
  2. Fund transfer to other banks and UBA account
  3. Airtime recharge across all networks for both self and others.
  4. Account balance enquiry
  5. Mini statement view
  6. Bills payment.


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Account Opening

You can open an account via the Umobile by simply dialling the code and follow through the prompt. Below are the steps to open an account;

  1. Dial the USSD code *919# on your mobile number.
  2. At the prompt, input 1 to select option 1
  3. Choose the account type you will like to open (sayings or current).
  4. The following prompt is to show if you have a BVN ( Bank verification number). if yes, input corresponding number.
  5. If you select yes for BVN, input your BVN.
  6. Input your name and other info
  7. Create a PIN which you will be using to authorize your transactions.

After following these steps, you will get a message that will contain your new bank account number.


Account Balance Enquiry

To view your account balance via the Umobile, simply dial 9192# on the registered mobile number. You will get a notification containing your account balance.


Mini Account Statement

To view your last five transactions of your account, please dial 9193#. You will get the last five transactions.


Airtime Recharge With Uba Mobile App

For airtime purchase for your registered line or other mobile number, please dial 9194# and follow the prompt to recharge accordingly.


Fund Transfer

To transfer money from your UBA account to other account through the Umobile from a registered mobile number linked with your bank account, please follow the steps below;

  1. Dial *919#
  2. From the prompt, input 5
  3. Choose the payment method from the options either through UBA account or UBA prepaid card
  4. Input the amount and follow the prompts to make payment.
  5. Confirm the transaction with your PIN

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