Veronica Adeleke: Her Biography And All You Must Know

Late Dr. Mrs Veronica Imade Adeleke, mother of the porpular pop star American-born Nigerian recording artist, performer and record producer David Adedeji Adeleke popularly know by his stage name Davido, was a diva. Before her death, she had a notable career in music and flaunted her own record label in the 90s. She was born in 1963 and was married to her billionaire husband Dr Adedeji Adeleke.


She was a brilliant lecturer at Babcock University, Osun State. Her death indeed startled the University board and Nigeria as a whole. Veronica was intelligent, light complexioned and a beauty to behold. Little wonder she caught Dr. Deji’s eyes and he fell in love with her, sadly the quest for money got in the way.


His sole priority was making the dough and making it huge. This worked well for him but obviously not his wife Veronica as she was grieved with loneliness. Dr. Deji was so much carried away that he forgot that a woman needed attention. To him life was about the power, money and business, and so he never really placed any premium on the sanctity of marriage.


Veronica was solely kept in confinement to the extent that her stylist and hair dresser were brought home for their services. We gathered that in a bid for her to get out of this depression.

She was eventually allowed to take up a lecturing job at Babcock University where her husband had diverse influence. Her sudden death threw the whole University community into great mourning. It’s been alleged that she died of an overdose of drugs. According to a source close to the wealthy and famous Adeleke family, Davido’s dad, Dr. Deji was the remote cause of his wife’s predicament and untimely death.


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There is no doubt she was floating in money, courtesy of her husband’s stupendous wealth, but the necessary love and attention which she crave for and could not get from her husband exposed her to jeopardy. Meanwhile, Dr. Deji Adeleke with his complicated lifestyle bordered on busy and very tight business schedule and a strict adherence to spiritualism. “A woman needs love, just like you do, and when she doesn’t get it, she can fool around” so sang an American musician in the 80s.

Late Dr Mrs Veronica Imade Adeleke died precisely on her husband’s 40th birthday, 6th March, 2003, at a very early age of 39. Urbanlife wrote and I quote;


” the day she died, she was reported to have gone to church for her hubby’s birthday thanksgiving in the morning, came back and locked herself in her room, only to be found stone dead in her room hours later. Fueling speculations that she could have died of a probable overdose of some hard substance. “


Davido is musically inclined like his mum. When she was alive, she formed a music band which she named after her son; ‘David’s Band’ and she also established a security firm called ‘David ‘s security’. Her band ‘David’s band’ played last at her burial.


For Davido, the memory of his late mum, remains afresh as he continued to urge his fans to celebrate the icon of his life, uploading photos of her now and then. He sees the image of his mother in his daughters whom he named after her ; ‘Aurora Imade Adeleke’ borne of him from his baby mama -Sophie Momudo the cousin of veteran journalist turned politician, ¬†Dele Momudo – and ‘Hailey Veronica Adeleke’ borne of him from his American girlfriend, Amanda, in may, 2017.

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