Web Hosting companies in Lagos: How To Subscribe And Their Different Packages

Finding the right web hosting company for your website will save your time and precious energy, and also it will help you in the long run, over the time finding the right web hosting company has become quite a challenge as most web hosting companies are offering almost the same thing and just reducing prices to attract customers…

But I based a good and reliable web hosting company on good customer service and having the best plans which is possible available to customers.


Benefits Of Choosing A Web Hosting Company In Lagos

  • Cheapest/Affordable Prices.
  • Easy Payment (through bank deposit or online payment).
  • Easily accessible: if you are having a problem with such hosting company you can easily pay them a visit and get the problem rectified.


Web Hosting companies in Lagos

WhoGoHost  (WhoGoHost.com )

This appeared first since it is one of the leading web hosting providers based in Nigeria. When you talk about flexibility and affordability this web hosting company has it all, you can offer to buy either a monthly or yearly plan which makes things easier for you.

The company offer plans ranging from 3,500 to 19,000 monthly and an entry plan of N350 monthly.

Visit WhoGoHost.com to check their different packages


Registeram (Registeram.com.ng)

When you talk about a fast growing web hosting company in Nigeria which offers a long range of services you are talking about Registeram.

They offer 500MB to 25GB storage space depending on your hosting plan, they also offer domain name registration, hosting for Java Services and Linux/Windows hosting.

You can pay online with your debit card or pay through bank deposit.

Simply visit Registeram.com.ng to check out their other amazing offers.


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Web4Africa (Web4Africa.ng)

This web hosting company offers you a lot of benefits which range from affordable hosting plans to a great customer service.

They also offer you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space which is the highest hosting plan available on the website.  For as low as N6,000 per year you can get 1GB disk space and 5GB bandwidth and so many other offer which comes from the website.

You can pay online with your debit card or pay through bank deposit

Visit Web4Africa.ng to check out other offers.

HostNowNow (HostNowNow.com)

Another fast growing web hosting company you can find in Lagos. Just like other web hosting companies, they offer web hosting services, but also more amazing hosting options like Cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting.

There cheap and affordable prices is certainly amazing, starting for as low as N2,000 per year..

Visit their website HostNowNow.com now to get their amazing offers.


Utiware (Utiware.net)

This web hosting company offers you 3GB to 50GB storage, at affordable prices ranging from N3,500 to N100,000 yearly., Utiware offers mySQL and PHP, on their Windows Hosting.

The company has two payment options which is online payment and Direct Bank Deposit, which makes it easier for their customers ….

That is it for the guide to finding a Web Hosting Companies in Lagos and their subscription plans, remember to confirm by visiting the website and making your choice.

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