Etisalat 200 Naira Data Plan: How To Migrate And All The Benefits

In this review, we would be looking at Etisalat 200 Naira Night Data Plan as we are aware that Etisalat is the name given to a multinational UAE based telecommunications services provider founded on the 5th of October, 1976. At the moment, they are operating in 17 countries spread across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Its headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Etisalat is one of the great telecommunication services provider in Nigeria. It offers both call and data services as well as other related services. The telecommunication service provider has always come with diverse service classes for both call and data services.

In this piece, we shall take a look at the data service provided by the telecommunication service provider. Specifically, on the data service plan that can be subscribed to with just N200. That’s a very friendly price if you ask me, lots of people who are internet service providers can afford that.

The data services of Etisalat is generally valued to be worth using as well as its price. Etisalat offers fast, reliable and accessible internet service. It is also known to offer affordable data service such as the one under consideration in this piece.

At the moment, there are two possible data plans that can be done with N200 on Etisalat network in Nigeria. The two plans can be expressed below;


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200MB Data Plan

On the Etisalat network, you are offered 200MB worth of data for N200 only. This data plan is valid for 7 days. That’s a whole week, I think its worth an applause. You can subscribe to this data plan by dialling 2292*10# on an active Etisalat line with sufficient balance to enjoy this incredible offer.


The N200 Night Plan

A single night plan at a reduced cost haa been recently seen across the mobile telecommunications network providers in Nigeria. In view of this, Etisalat has brought its night plan for just N200 only. It offers internet connection and access between 12am and 5am. It is provided for the busy types who are only available to browse at night. This plan comes with 1GB worth of data, meaning its not just for surfing the internet, you can download as well. Isn’t that great? With just N200, it is great if you ask me.

To enjoy this wonderful data plan, kindly dial 2293*11# on an active Etisalat line with sufficient balance.


With the above data plans, it has shown that N200 is not too small an amount to give you a great internet access and downloading experience on the Etisalat network. It’s incredible that such a network with good internet access and speed can offer such data plans for a meagre amount of N200.


If you have any challenges subscribing to this data plan or you wish to make enquiries concerning this plan, you may simply reach out to the customer care agent for assistant by calling 200 for free from an etisalat line or call 0809 000 0200 from another network. You may simply tell the customer care agent to activate the plan for you.

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