How To Check 888 MTN Awuf Balance And All The Benefits

So many people like me that loves extra bonuses have been enjoying the MTN Awuf4U (*888#) for a very long time now. And for those of you looking forward to bonuses, then this MTN 888 Awuf is the best tariff plan for you. You need to understand that this MTN Awuf4U tariff plan is designed to give you bonuses of up to 300% percent on a single recharge using the 888 code.

But however, this is best for persons who makes a lot of calls on a daily basis, and for you to enjoy it, you do not have to pay any daily access fee.

In today’s write-up, we will share with you how to enjoy, subscribe and check the MTN 888 Awuf Tariff plan balance with all the benefits.

Here Are All The Benefits Of The 888 Awuf Tariff Plan From MTN

  • You will get 200% Airtime bonus on every recharge that are 100 Naira and below
  • You will get 300% Airtime bonus on every recharge that are above 100 Naira
  • Anytime you want to make Local calls on the Awuf airtime bonus, a call rate of 45 Kobo per second will be applied, this means that you will have to pay 27 Naira per minute.
  • Also, if you are making International calls with the Awuf airtime bonus, it will lead to a call rate of 66 Kobo per second, which means you will pay 39.6 Naira per minute.

Here Is How The 888 Awuf Tariff Plan From MTN Works

In this 888 Awuf tariff plan, you are guaranteed of at least 200% airtime bonus on every recharge of 100 Naira and below, and when you recharge 200 Naira and above, you will be given 300% bonus.
So once you migrate to this 888 MTN Awuf tariff plan, all your recharge should be made using *888* recharge pin #. What this means is, anytime you recharge using this code, you will be able to enjoy all these bonuses from the MTN 888 Awuf plan.

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How To Calculate The 888 Awuf Airtime Bonus

Remember that with the *888# Awuf Tariff plan, you get 200% bonus airtime on any recharged cards that cost 100 Naira and below, while any recharge cards that cost above 100 Naira will attract 300% airtime bonus. Example:

  • Load any recharge with 100 Naira, and you will get 300 Naira in your Awuf account, which is 100 Naira (recharge value) + 400 Naira airtime bonus
  • Load any recharge of 400 Naira, and you will get 1,600 Naira in your Awuf account, which is 400 Naira (Recharge value) + 1,200 Naira airtime bonus.
  • Load any recharge of 1,500 Naira, and you will get 6000 Naira in your Awuf account, which is 1,500 Naira (Recharge value) + 4,500 Naira airtime bonus.

How To Activate The MTN 888 Awuf Tariff Plan

Would you want to activate the MTN 888 Awuf tariff plan? Just dial *888* recharge card pin # and then send.

How To Check Your 888 Awuf Account Balance

To check your Awuf balance, simply dial *559*14#.

Please note that you can migrate to any other plan while you still have the 888 Awuf balance and the balance will not be wiped out. And also, you can still continue to make calls and send SMS even if you have changed your tariff plan.

The only disadvantage here is that you cannot share or sell your 888 Awuf balance, it is for you alone and MTN will let you know once your Awuf balance is finished.

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