GTBank *737*: How To Transfer Money & Buy Airtime With This GTBank Mobile Platform

Thinking of making bank transactions and buying airtime from the comfort of your home? Then you are thinking of using GTBank 737. You can simply open an account with your mobile phone and start enjoying the privileges you will normally have to go the bank for.

You are interested right? So get a mobile phone and grab a seat…



Opening An Account

To operate this mobile channel (the 737 channel) you need to have a bank account with GTBank. I know how you feel, the stress of going the bank and going through the laborious processes.. But don’t worry you wouldn’t need to go to the bank to open account, you are going to use your mobile phone, and it gets better, you don’t need airtime or data to open an account.

Simply dial  7370# to get started, follow the onscreen instructions. When you are done an account number will be generated automatically for you and sent to your phone via SMS.. You can also use your phone number as your account number at GTBank branches and outlets..


Making Transfers

The amazing thing about this mobile channel is that you can make transfers not only to other GTBank accounts, but also to other Bank accounts.

So below I will talk about how to transfer to both GTBank accounts and to other bank accounts.


How To Make Transfer To GTBank Account

Simply dial 7371AmountNUBAN Account Number# from your mobile phone, and remember you must use the phone number you used to register with GTBank, then follow the on-screen instructions.

For Instance



Transfer To Other Bank Accounts

Simply dial 7372AmountNUBAN Account Number# from your mobile phone, but here you need to have your GTBank debit card in hand, to complete this transfer,  as you will be required to input the last four digits of your GTBank debit card to authenticate the transfer.


  • Daily Transaction Limit of N200,000
  • Works with Phone numbers registered with GTBank
  • Maximum deposit per transaction is N20,000
  • Maximum account balance is N200,000


Purchasing Airtime And/Or Data

Maybe your airtime just got finished in the middle of the desert, it’s practically impossible to get someone selling airtime over there.

So what do you do?

Simply follow these steps to top-up airtime and/or data from yourself and from a friend


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Airtime Top-UP

To top up airtime from yourself simply dial 737amount# on your phone to buy airtime. Remember that your phone number must be that you used to register your GTBank Account.

For Instance



Top-UP Airtime From A Friend

To top up airtime from someone else simply dial 737Amount*Recipient’s number# on your phone to buy airtime. Remember that your phone number must be that you used to register your GTBank Account.

For Instance



Data Top-UP

To top up data from yourself simply dial 7374# on your phone and follow the on-screen prompt. Remember that your phone number must be that you used to register your GTBank Account.


  • The service is available to Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat subscribers
  • Daily recharge limit is N10,000


Checking Your Balance

Checking your balance is quite easy, all you need to do is simply dial; 7376*1# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.


Benefits of 737 Mobile Platform

  • No need to enter the banking hall or fill any forms
  • Save on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at a yearly interest rate of 3.9%.
  • *737*transfer is available 24/7
  • With *737*transfer, you can transfer to other Nigerian banks
  • Airtime can be bought 24/7


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