How To Activate Your ATM Card Using The Zenith Mobile App Step By Step Process

Zenith Bank PLC is one of the best financial institutions in Nigeria. Zenith Bank was established in May 1990, and began operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank. The Bank rapidly became a public limited company in June 17 the year 2004 when it was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange  on October 2004. As one of the best banks in the nation , the financial institution seeks to improve on customer services for ease of operations including customer care services ,E-banking ,ATM activation, replacement of lost Debit and Credit cards etc . This post seeks to espouse how A debit card can be activated using the Zenith mobile application in a sequential process and this is made possible by the use of the Zenith mobile E-token application.




The Zenith Bank e-Token Application is the mobile application which endeavours to change the way we bank by ensuring efficiency by producing One-Time Passwords to make your transactions more simpler and swifter.


1.Request for e-Token App  via E- Banking or at any Physical Branch .


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How To Do This Via Internet Banking

  • Sign into your Internet Banking profile, click on ‘Service Request’ and select ‘eToken Request’
  • On the eToken Request page that will appear, select “Yes”, if you previously activated the e-token app, otherwise select “No”.
  • Then, select your preferred method of authentication “Hardware Token or Receive OTP via SMS”. Choose“Hardware Token” if you have a hardware token device or “Receive OTP via SMS” to get a one-time password on your phone number registered with the bank servers.
  • On a successful completion of the authentication process, your activation details will be sent to you via SMS and email.

To Do this via a Physical bank branch, simply walk into a branch and request for an e-Token form and fill it.

  1. The e-Token Application is available on iOS and Android platforms. Search for it ,download and activate with your details you collected from step one.

3.For the completion of the activation process, you ought to create an eToken PIN.


The e-Token PIN will be combined with the token generated from the e-Token Application to validate all future transactions.


Login to Internet Banking, click on The settings from the menu bar and click create online Banking PIN and viola, it’s all done .

It’s a very easy process if all the outlined steps are followed graciously. The steps have been made easy by Zenith bank PLC for convenience for all customers,hence providing a simple friendly banking atmosphere for everyone. Zenith Bank is the only bank I know that have been able to implement this process for customers seeking to collect their credit and debit cards anew or who seek to replace a lost or spoilt one . This process spares alot of customers of all the hassles of standing in a queue ,waiting tiredly for their turns to use the ATM machine in the bank premises to activate a card . Now the can easily do so from the comfort of their bedrooms .

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