Nigeria Road And Traffic Signs With Their Rules

In this quick and educative review, we would be looking at some of the regulatory as well as the informative signs.


Regulatory Signs

The regulatory signs are always circular in shapes and are usually of 2 types. The ones with Red and Yellow circles are known as the Prohibitive signs and are to be taken seriously. The ones with the blue circles without any shade of red border are known as mandatory signs. This signs give road users positive directives and are regarded as Regulatory Signs.


Informative Signs

All Informative signs are Rectangular in shape and they give necessary guidance information to road users. The STOP Sign is a typical example of a Prohibitive sign. The stop sign tells you to come to an absolute STOP before taking further move. Then you can then proceed when the road is safe to do otherwise.


Warning Signs are commonly triangular in in shape, with comes with Red Perimeter. One a second note, the warning sign that has an inverted triangle, presents or means “Give Way”


Regulatory Signs (Prohibitory)

  • No entry for all vehicles that has an overall width that exceed 2M
  • Overtaking Prohibited.
  • No entry for lorries.
  • No entry for all vehicles having axle load that exceed 8 metric tonnes
  • Supplemented with all road making including “No change
  • Caution: Work is going on
  • You cannot make a U- turn here.
  • You must not park here.
  • Round about ahead.
  • You must not turn left.
  • Narrow bridge ahead.
  • Warning: Sharp bend ahead.
  • Trucks not allowed.

Kindly look though the images carefully as the carry the signs and some of their meanings are briefly explained in the itemized list above. Also bare in mind that all regulatory signs are to be carefully studied to avoid any embarrassment from the FRSC officers or the Police. Happy Driving.

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