Processes Of Becoming A Pilot In Nigeria, The Requirements And All You Must Know

In today’s century, many people are still wondering how they can become a professional pilot in Nigeria and the processes that are involved. If you happened to be among people who would like to become a pilot in Nigeria, then this write up will guide you on all the processes that are involved.



Here Are The Processes You Will Need To Take To Become A Nigerian Pilot

The First Process Is To Select A Good Aviation School

You should ensure that the aviation school you have chosen for your pilot training is officially approved by the federal aviation association (FAA) before you commence your training.

There are over 10 aviation institutions in Nigeria, from government owned institutions to privately owned institutions.

Before anyone will attend any aviation school to become a pilot, you should ensure that you have the right understanding about the profession you want to embark on. Below are the things you should be aware off:

  1. You should be prepared to pay large sum of money as school fee for your aviation education
  2. Becoming a pilot demands you to have self-control
  3. There is self-discipline in aviation school
  4. You should be prepared to study very hard
  5. You should also know that to get high paying job as a professional pilot, you must have been flying and has attained lots of flying hours before any commercial airline can employ you and pay you high salary.


The Second Process Is To Get The Nigerian Pilot Certificate

There are different type of aviation certificate that is needed to become a pilot in Nigeria after you must have graduated from an aviation school.

  1. Certified flight instructor (CFI)
  2. Private pilot certificate (PPC)
  3. Commercial pilot certificate (CPC)
  4. Instrument rating (IR)


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Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

If you intend to work as a commercial or private pilot in Nigeria, then you will need this certificate. Though this certificate will only allow you to become a flight instructor in the aviation industry by teaching students how to fly, which will enable you earn more flying hours and increase your chances of getting a high paying job as a full pilot.


Private Pilot Certificate (PPC)

This certificate will qualify you to fly a privately owned small plane


Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPC)

This certificate qualifies you to work as a pilot in any commercial flight company in Nigeria and beyond. But note that you must be over 22 years of age before you can earn this certificate.


Instrument Rating (IR)

This certificate is a must have as a pilot because it proves that the holder can at least control a plane during bad weather.


The Final Process Is To Obtain Flying Hours

Before anyone can become a commercial pilot, the person must have at least studied for four (4) years and had also attained 40 to 4000 flying hours. Most well established commercial airline companies will always want to employ someone that has a pilot diploma and have attained up to 4000 flying hours.

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