Open Work Permit Canada: How To Apply, The Requirements And All You Need To Know

An open work permit is a working licence that gives an individual the opportunity to go and work in Canada without any particular or special job offer from any company in Canada. This is because it is not a job specific permit, so you are not supposed to fulfil some of the basic things that are required as other individuals that have work permits.

Some of the basic requirements that you won’t be fulfilling are, the Canadian labour market impact assessment (LMIA) or the proof of an offer of employment from an employer that must have paid a compliance fee. But however, this option of an open work permit is not meant for every persons.

Types Of Canadian Open Work Permits

In Canada, there are two kinds of open work permits that are available, check out the types below:

  1. Restricted Open Work Permit: this is the type that restrict the occupation of a person or the location
  2. Unrestricted Open Work Permit: this is the type of permit that gives foreign persons the opportunity to work in any occupation and in any location

Please note that for this restricted open work permit, some individuals might not be allowed or restricted from some occupations based on their medical conditions or based on their location restriction depending on the kind of applicant they may fall into. For instance, an applicant that has a bridging open work permit who is also a provincial nominee may however be restricted to that particular provincial location.

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The Canadian Open Work Permit Requirement

There are some kind of situations an individual may be for them to be qualified for an open work permit, below are some of them.

  1. A person who is a permanent resident in Canada and has also applied to an office in Canada
  2. A dependent member of the family of the applicant who is a permanent resident in Canada
  3. A spouse or common law partners
  4. An international student in any of the Canadian college
  5. Refugees or someone who is claiming a refugee whose case have not been decided or heard of.
  6. A refugee protected persons and their family relatives
  7. A young worker who happens to be a participant in some special programs, for instance, a working holiday.
  8. Some persons who are temporary residing in Canada

The requirements above are the basic overview of the kind of person that might be qualified for an open work permit in Canada, but however, there might be other requirements a person must have to be qualified to get an open work permit in Canada. For example, if you happens to be someone who is permanently residing in Canada and has held a work position which will end before the approval of your application, you may actually get a bridging open work permit.

No matter the method in which you qualify to get an open work permit, it is very vital you have all your documents which should also be accurate and other basic requirement that will be needed to leave in Canada.

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