Nigeria Prison Service: Their History And Key Functions In Nigeria

The Nigeria Prison Service brought about the origin of contemporary Prisons Service in Nigeria in 1861. That was the year conceptually, Western-type jail was established in Nigeria. The declaration of Lagos city as a colony in 1861 marked the start of the establishment of formal machinery of governance. At this stage the preoccupation of the colonial government was to guard legitimate trade, guarantee the profit of British merchants additionally as guarantee the activities of the missionaries. In this view finish, by 1861, the acting governor of the city colony and whom was then a outstanding British bourgeois in lagos, shaped a personnel of regarding 25 constables. This was followed in 1863 by the institution in lagos of 4 courts: a court to resolve petty disputes, a judicature to undertake the more serious cases, a slave court to oversee cases arising from the efforts to get rid of the exchange slaves and a poster court to resolve disputes among merchants and traders.


One major vision of the Prison Service is to promote public protection by providing assistance and due support for offenders in their reformation and rehabilitation under a safe, secure and humane conditions in line with universally accepted standard and to facilitate their social reintegration into society.


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Key Functions Of The Nigeria Prison Service

Here below we have listed some of the major functions of the Paramilitary Commission In Nigeria.

i.They have the mandate to take into lawful custody all those certified to be so kept by courts of competent jurisdiction;
ii. Produce suspects in courts as and when due;
iii. They Identify the causes of their anti-social dispositions;
iv. Set in motion mechanisms for their treatment and training for eventual reintegration into society as normal law abiding citizens on discharge; and
v. Administer Prisons Farms and Industries for this purpose and in the process generate revenue for the government.


Nigeria Prison Service Headquarters Abuja Address

Nigeria Prison Service Headquarter Abuja Address

Bill Clinton Drive, Airport Road Abuja




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