Transfast Money Transfer: How To Use For Fund Transfer, The Tracking Procedure And All You Need To Know

TransFast is a global money transfer and across the border payment company with it’s headquarter in New York with additional offices in Philippines and the UAE. The company provides multi-currency and cross border payment solution for individual and businesses around the globe.

TransFast was founded in 1988 as Trans-Fast which focused in transferring money from the U.S to Latin America. The company received a private equity investment in 2007 from Greenhill capital partners and the name was changed to TransFast Remittance.


Services They Offer

  • TransPay

This is a B2B/B2P global payment platform which uses a robust end to end technology that enable instant transfer across its global network.


  • Agent Business

TransFast has over 200,000 payment points all over the world with agent representing the company around the globe. With this, customers can instantly send money in person to be received directly into a bank account or a cash.

  • com

The company also offers customers the opportunity to send money online from a desktop computer or from mobile device.

TransFast was listed by World Bank in the first quarter of 2016 as one of the top world remittance price database for providing a very low cost remittance to Egypt, Philippines, Ghana and Nigeria.



Their Network Coverage

The company’s network covers over 120 countries across Asia, Europe, America and Africa with licenses in more than 70 jurisdictions worldwide.

In Africa, the company operates in over 23 nations with bank networks that covers up to 70 percent of adult bank account holders in those nations.


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How To Transfer Funds With TransFast

  1. Choose The Country And The Amount

You can select from over 50 receiving countries. Their exchange rates are guaranteed. With this, you will know exactly how much recipient will get after transfer is made.


  1. Enter Recipient And Pay Out Info

You can tell them about your recipient and how you would want them to receive the funds, they can receive through bank deposit, cast pickup etc.


  1. Fund Your Money Transfer

You can now input your bank account details, debit or credit card payment info. Before you send, make sure you review all details submitted.



TransFast Tracking Procedure

To track your transfer, log in to your account on once your account is open, go to your dashboard and check the transfer status. You can also have access to your transfer history via their website or mobile app.


Other Things You Should You Should Know

How To Know The Status Of Your Money Transfer:

You can sign in to your account, go to dashboard, there you will see your previous transactions, as well as make an additional transfer.



Meaning Of These Status

  • In Review: your transfer is being reviewed by their account security team.
  • Action Required: your transfer is on hold for phone or document verification, or bank validation.
  • Awaiting Funds: your transfer has been approved and is waiting for funds from your bank. Nothing is required.
  • Completed: your money transfer has been received or been pickup by the recipient.
  • With Partner: your money transfer is with their pay out partner and is ready for pickup or deposit.

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