Uba Internet Banking: How To Register And All You Must Know

In case you are the type that want to manage your UBA accounts on-the-go then today’s post will teach you how to do that! We will show you how to register for UBA Internet Banking, different transaction you can perform and the transfer limit.


The UBA U-Direct (internet banking service) allows clients to have secure and unrestricted access to their accounts at any time. Here are features of UBA Direct:

  • It is a very fast, it takes few minutes to register for internet banking.
  • You can buy airtime for yourself and your family without logging out of your computer.
  • You can monitor your account
  • You can send or receive funds instantly anytime.
  • With the platform, you can book for Flight straight from your UBA account.
  • You can renew your subscriptions and cover your utility bills.
  • You can get a digital proof of all the payments and transactions you made. You can customize your online banking experience.
  • With the platform, your accounts are protected by the best security systems available.
  • You can have access to your account 24-hour of the day.


In case you want to have access to your UBA accounts online, below are the things needed:

  • You must have an active UBA account
  • You must have an internet connected device
  • You need a completed web/enrolment form


Note that there are three ways you can register for UBA internet banking:

  • Through instant self-enrolment.
  • By registering via Virtual Enrolment Form.
  • Registering at a local UBA branch.

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For The Instant Self-Enrollment

This is the easiest out of the three options. According to UBA officials, they said that it would only take 40 seconds to do it!

Just visit the UBA login page at www.ibank.ubagroup.com and click on the instant self-registration button. Then fill in the form that appears in a new window, and after which, you will be able to use your account immediately. The bank will send you a text with your One Time Password, which is your key to internet banking.

The Virtual Enrollment Form

This is a little bit more complex. But to get access to your online bank account, then fill in the U-Direct Virtual Channel Enrolment Form. Please note that this option is available to individuals only. But for corporate clients, the bank has an internet banking virtual channel enrollment form. However, both of the forms can be gotten from the UBA website.

By Registering At A Local UBA Branch

You can do this by going to the nearest UBA branch, then fill the forms and register for the Internet Banking.


  • Airtime purchase
  • You can make funds transfer
  • You can make bill payment
  • You can request for loan and credit cards
  • Account information and monitoring of deposits
  • You can do your insurance policy management
  • You can request for cheque book and ATM card
  • You can manage your portfolio services.


Uba’s third party transfer must not exceed $300 which is N60,000 when converted to Naira.

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