How To Migrate To MTN Weekly Data Plan With Code And All The Benefits

Almost everyone is a customer when it comes to data plan especially those with Android phones. People either use data to browse (read emails, news, browsers etc), download (movies, songs, comedy etc) or for applications (whatsapp, IMO, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc) on their phones. You even data for app update.


Most people are familiar with data plans that last for a month or 30 days. Many don’t know that there are data plans of seven (7) days validity. So in this piece, we shall discuss the seven (7) days data plans available on the MTN network. If you are an MTN subscriber, this info is a good one for you. Who doesn’t even have an MTN SIM, everyone does including you.


There are two major weekly (seven (7) days validity) data plans. These include;


First Data Plan

This data plan offers 150MB for at the rate of N300. It can be accessed and subscribed to by dialling *131#, then select option 1 after which you select option 2 and then select option 1 to choose this plan.


Second Data Plan

This data plan offers 500MB at the rate of N500. This plan comes with a bonus of 250MB. The bonus data can only be used between 1am and 7am. To subscribe for this plan, please dial *131#. From the prompt select option 1 and then select option 2. From here select option 2 to choose this plan.


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How To Check Weekly Data Balance

To check your data balance after subscription, kindly dial *131*4# or you may simply send an SMS containing 2 to 131. Your data balance will be forwarded to you in an SMS.


Things To Note

It is quite important that you have sufficient airtime balance on your phone before you dial the subscription code.

The data plans are valid for a week ie seven (7) days but this does not mean that you can’t exhaust the data plans before expiry. This is based on your usage.

The data plans can be auto renewed. This means, at expiry if you have sufficient airtime on your line, it can automatically take the amount and then credit you with data.

If you wish to browse with your airtime after exhausting your data bundle, please dial *131*200#. You will be able to browse at the rate of N10.24/MB. You may dial *606# and choose Xtrabyte to borrow data.

The subscribed data can be used anytime but the bonus data can only be used between 1am and 7am.

You can rollover unused data as long as you activate the same data plan before its expiry. This means any data you have left can be carried over if you do another subscription before that one expires. The new one will then be added to the old one and the expiry date of the new subscription applies.


For any assistance or enquiry, please contact the customer service on 180 for free from an MTN line. If any MTN office is close by, you may visit them after all, face to face is better.

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