Safaricom Offers: Different Plans And Their Migration Codes

safaricom is a telecommunications service provider in Kenya with an appreciable customer base. It offers both voice and data services at affordable prices.  safaricom offers fantastic data and voice plans.


To get on board on safaricom network, you will need to acquire its SIM and register it after which you will then recharge your line. At this point, you are set to enjoy the fantastic offers on the network. Every safaricom line can either be a prepay or a postpay line. This will determine the charge rate for both voice call and SMS.


The PrePay Safaricom

The safaricom prepay offers very affordable call and SMS rates. The rates are charged on the basis of whether or not its on-net or off-net. When you purchase a safaricom line, it will normally comes as prepay. During on-net hours (08h00-22h00) are charged at Ksh 4 per minute and SMS at Ksh 1 per SMS. During off-net hours (22h00-08h00), call are charged at Ksh 2 per minute and SMS remains at Ksh 1 per SMS. International SMS is at Ksh 10 per SMS.



The PostPay Safaricom

This safaricom line offers you exciting ways to communicate more in and outside Kenya with wonderful features such as GPRS Roaming, Mobile Office (EDGE), Itemized Billing,

International calling, Fax and Data, International Roaming etc. This comes with a monthly billing feature by which you may be able to track and control your expenses.


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If you wish to turn your safaricom line to postpay, you are required to dial *100*6# and present some documents which include Certificate of Registration, PIN Certificate, Identity Document or Passport and VAT Certificate (for Corporates). For further details, you may call Postpay customer service on 020-4272200 or 200 (Toll Free) or forward an email to

You may also download the application form here



Safaricom On Data Bundles

Safaricom has two great offers when it comes to data bundles and each has a distinct reason but both are aimed at enhancing customers continuous internet connectivity. The two are normal data bundles and Okoa Bundles.


Data bundles comes in different packages of daily, weekly, monthly and those of 90 days. Each has sub categories and can be extended. To check out the plans and subscribe to anyone of your choice, please dial *544# and follow the prompts to see and choice your choice at affordable prices.


Okoa Bundles are not like the normal data plans, they are put in place to ensure customers are not cut off when they exhaust their data plan. With this, they can borrow data, use it and pay later. There are only two conditions for enjoying the service; your line must have being active for at least 6 months and you must have used the amount you are requesting in the previous week. Once you meet these conditions, you will be able to enjoy the service. Kindly dial *544*6# for Okoa bundles.

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